Yes, a Kid Can Make Their Own Video Game! Here’s How

Izaan Ishaq
Izaan Ishaq
December 10, 2023
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December 10, 2023

Can a kid make a video game? You bet! With all the user-friendly tools now available, developing a video game is easier than ever before – and totally possible for kids.

Making games helps spark creativity, build skills in coding and technology, and gives young creators an immense sense of accomplishment. Read on to learn how your kid can make their very own video game from start to finish.

photo of a Kid Can Make Their Own Video Game

Getting Started: Game Engines and Tools

The first step is finding the right game development platform. Game engines like Construct, GameMaker Studio 2, and Unity have free options perfect for beginners. They provide pre-made assets and behavioral scripts, so less coding is required upfront. Kids can start building game worlds faster.

Other kid-friendly and visual-based tools like Scratch, Stencyl, and Alice enable dragging and dropping game components instead of traditional programming. This allows focusing more on the design and logic.

Laying the Foundation: Concept and Design

Once familiar with the software, it’s time for the fun part – imagining a concept! Encourage kids to start sketching out ideas for:

  • World/setting: Fantasy? Space? Underwater?
  • Characters/avatars: Who will players control or interact with?
  • Game mechanics: What abilities will characters have? How do they move or perform actions?
  • Objective: Does the player need to solve puzzles, defeat an enemy boss, or collect items to advance levels and win?

Having a solid design foundation early makes bringing the vision to life much smoother.

Coding Game Logic

The real magic happens when kids begin defining and coding interactions – bringing all elements together into a playable experience. Tutorials and samples within game engines offer guidance on coding essential functions like:

  • Player movement & controls
  • Responding to user input through mouse clicks or keyboard presses
  • Game artificial intelligence – enemy or ally behavior
  • Implementing rules for winning and losing

As coding proficiency grows over time, kids can integrate more complex mechanics – maybe even physics simulations!

Tools that make game development accessible for kids

Let’s explore some of the tools and platforms that make game development accessible for kids:

1. Scratch:

Scratch is a free and open-source visual programming language developed by MIT specifically for children. It uses a drag-and-drop interface with colorful blocks, making it easy for kids to create animations, games, and interactive stories without prior coding experience.

2. Tynker:

Tynker is another visual programming platform designed for kids. It offers a vibrant and engaging environment with interactive tutorials and challenges that introduce kids to coding concepts through game design.

3. Blockly:

Blockly is a Google-developed open-source library that uses visual blocks similar to Scratch. It can be embedded in various platforms and applications, making it a versatile tool for creating games and other interactive experiences.

4. Kodu Game Lab:

Kodu Game Lab is a free game development tool from Microsoft designed for children. It allows them to create 3D games using a simple visual scripting system and intuitive controls, making game development accessible and engaging for young learners.

5. GameMaker Studio 2:

GameMaker Studio 2 is a popular game creation software suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. It offers a drag-and-drop interface for visual scripting and a comprehensive scripting language for advanced users, providing a flexible environment for creating various game genres.

By exploring these tools and platforms, kids can unlock their creative potential and embark on a rewarding journey of game development. Remember, the most important factor is to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where they can experiment, learn, and have fun!

Expanding Scope Over Multiple Projects

The great thing about game development is that the learning never stops. The programming, art, audio, and storytelling skills unlocked through making game after game accumulate into mastery.

We all have to start somewhere! The most important thing is encouraging kids to start small, get comfortable with tools, use online resources, and have fun bringing their gaming ideas to life. Before you know it, they’ll have the knowledge and confidence to produce the next hit indie game!

So don’t doubt – a kid really can make their own video game. And it opens up a world of opportunities for sparking interests in technology, creativity, and innovation.

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